Indoor P.E

P.E will take place indoors on a Tuesday and Wednesday this term. Your child will need their P.E kit including a pair of clean indoor shoes or trainers suitable for P.E on these days. Many pupils have these in school already.

Place value, adds & take aways

We have been learning about place value this term. We have looked at 3, 4 and 5 digit numbers. We enjoyed playing the add 1, 10 and 100 game. Have a go at home!

We played ‘Paddle’ this week and talked about how we work out calculations. How would you work this out?

We also looked at missing number calculations. We talked about the link between addition and subtraction.

Toe tapping tunes!

P3/4/5 have been working hard on writing their own songs as a follow up from their Feis lessons. If your child plays an instrument they can take it in tomorrow (Thursday) and play them as an accompaniment to their singing. I will set up the school keyboard for any piano players 🙂

The best interests of the child

P3/4/5 worked with Mrs Laird today to firstly consider our right to education and the aims of education. We discussed all that we should learn in school. Then we thought about all that had changed over the last few years in school, who had made the decisions for those changes and if they had been in the best interests of the child and why. There was some very good discussion.

Pupil Profiles went home today!

I hope you enjoy having a look at your child’s profile and chatting through these. In the back of the red profile there are achievement leaves for out of school. Please feel free to fill one or more in with achievements over the summer holidays or over the last couple of months. We have talked over this in class so pupil’s know examples…e.g… I can tie my shoe laces, I baked a cake, I can tidy my room on my own, I am in the next swimming group, I got my next grade in karate, I learned how to draw a…, I can make a sandwich, I can do a new jump on my skateboard…

Please return both profiles by Thursday 7th October. Thank you.

(If your child does not have a red folder in their bag can you please have a look for it at home)